Hey everyone! i'm Jessy, i wanted to share a bit about my story and how I got into Woodworking.
I saw a loft bed in 2015 that wasn’t sold in stores and decided I wanted to make it myself. I enrolled in school that day on a whim and it turned out to be the best decision of my life.
After my time at school I got a job at a furniture shop where I mainly learned and excelled in finish carpentry. I also took part in a local market on the side, making and selling things out of the scrap wood I found laying around the shop.
After leaving my first shop job, I got the opportunity to work in a furniture and design studio located in downtown Edmonton as the lead finisher. Surrounded by incredible mentors, It gave me the chance to hone my craft
and connect with so many artists and woodworkers in the community. On my days off I was making spoons and small objects in my parents backyard, and even had the chance to be in a couple more markets on my own.
 Fast forward to 2021, I decided to take the leap and focus on RM&BRD full time. With a lot of help, I built a functioning studio so I could expand on what I was capable of making. Lighting some incense, setting intentions for a piece, sketching some shapes, then bringing them to life in my studio has really helped me connect with each object I make. 
Portraits shot by the talented Dana Martin.